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Most of my embedded Vimeo files are currently not working. I believe this was caused by changes at Vimeo. I hope to have things fixed in the next two days. Sorry for the inconvenience. 1/19/15

You can go directly to my vimeo page here to view these videos.


Work is developing nicely on the Morphology Series. Updates can be found on the Workbench.


My first new film for 2015, I Carried A Walking Stick That Helped Me Go Nowhere. Currently it can be viewed on Vimeo.


A video of my student's first experineces with the DJI Phantom drone can be seen on my Teaching & Student Work page.


"Phil Hastings has a horror vision synthetic video of what could be...lubricious tissue complete with orderly array of juicy polyps ripe for harvest, surrounding a pulsating black hole orifice leading to yet unfathomed inner recesses."

Jack Foran - Art Voice issue v12n4

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