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Professional Time-Based Media Portfolio

15 minute demo reel - full versions below

Narrative Storytelling Process

Live Action Work:

Shot on 16mm and finished to answer print with optical soundtrack. Direction, cinematography, production design, sound design and editing all completed by me. More information here:

Animation Work

Stop motion animation. Shot on 35mm with Mitchell GC & JK animation controller. Finished on video. All design work and film production done by me.  More information here:

Lake Series: Installation Work

Single-channel video installation. Designed for seamless looping sans credits. Alternative theatrical version with credits available. Ongoing series. More information here:

Threshold Series: Installation Work

Work done for single or multi channel displays or projections. Looping. Typically displayed vertical. Two samples provided. This is an ongoing series. More information can be found here:

Documentary Process and Related Work

Documentation of praying mantis sexual reproduction and cannibalism. Shot on high definition video. Licensed for projects on: Canadian Broadcasting Company, National Geographic Television and New Scientist magazine.

SUNY Frednoia School of Music Promo. An example of teachable skill sets that can be utilized in documentary work. Responsible for all aspects of project: Producer/Director, cinematography, editing and sound.

School of Music at Fredonia



Additional time-based work may be seen on Vimeo.



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