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The Next Arrow Project Call For Entries

coming soon.

Welcome to the second alum project.

We are in a constant state of moving from one point to another. We grow from something with a tremendous amount of potential energy and once released the kinetic energy takes over. The creative process is a bit of both and for that reason I think it's a good starting point for this year's theme.

This year's theme is


You can interpret the idea in any way shape or form that you want. You can also disregard the idea completely if you have something unrelated that you want to share.  It’s simply a starting point if you need it.

I want to again invite/encourage/challenge all of my former students to create and submit a new project. No grades, no pressure, other than what you put upon yourself and the deadline. We’ll have a public screening here at SUNY Fredonia sponsored by our student group, Cinema Alternatives.

Any past students of mine from any of the schools that I’ve taught are welcome to participate, and I encourage you to spread the word.

I have had the privilege to teach many fine students. Some of you have gone on to work in the “industry” in some way, some have pursued other callings, and some of you have just started out on the search. Social media has allowed me to stay in contact with many of you. I enjoy seeing what you are doing. I celebrate your triumphs and empathize with your struggles.

Those of you who are connected with me on Facebook please help me get the word out to those who I’ve lost contact with. There are many. Share this with your friends who were in classes with me.

Because some of you are busy or creatively rusty or dealing with other life obstacles or all of the above, we’ll keep it simple. Spend as much time as you want on this project. It can be your focus of every single waking minute (though I don't recommend that), or it can be completed in a day or less. 2-hour film project anyone?

I can't wait to see what you produce and share!


  • Due Date: April 23rd


  • Public Screening

    • Date: April 28th

    • Location: State University of New York Fredonia

    • Rm: Costello Community Room - Rockefeller Arts Center

    • Time: 7pm


  • Length: Under 10 minutes, give or take.


  • Theme: Growth and /or Movement



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