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Using digital recycling and forgotten footage to defy traditional cinematic storytelling with open ended fragments.

Sometimes a sketch can be as powerful as a full-on work of art that results from that sketch. These ongoing works started as sketches, but instead of paper to pencil they are the capture and manipulation of a moment in time. Some of these sketches are created from old footage that I shot years ago which never found its way into a "proper" film. Sometimes they are mere chance encounters or simple camera tests. 

The partial sentence/thought added to the beginning of each piece is intended to establishes a brief narrative - a jumping off point that might trigger in the viewer a feeling or memory to help fill out the moment or guide one during the brief moment.


In essence, these become meditations on thoughts unresolved, dreams not quite remembered and desires or fears at the edge of consciousness, their inter-connectivity fragile but growing.

Fragmentum 71(A) - 2:50
Fragmentum 43(B) - 3:40
Fragmentum 62(A) - 1:40
Fragmentum 2(A) - 2:30
Fragmentum 37(B) - 4:10
Fragmentum 62(C) - 3:15
Fragmentum 45(A) - 2:07
Fragmentum 21(B) - 4:30
Fragmentum 12(A) - 3:50
Fragmentum 21(C) - 7:00
Fragmentum 11(A) - 3:46
Fragmentum 23(B) - 2:02
I Carried A Walking Stick That Helped Me Go Nowhere - 4 min.
Fragmentum 29(B) - 6:55
Fragmentum 84(A) - 1:34

Fragmentum 13(C) - 3:12

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