Working on some new Threshold videos. Started by needing to recreate a lost threshold design due to either a computer crash or errant save. After about two weeks of trying to reassemble and order filters and textures, I arrived at a very close approximation. This process led to a collection of new ideas and imagery for the Threshold videos. Here are a few stills from this new group I'm about to dig into.

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Former students will be shocked at my use of "canned effects" after hearing me rail against their use, but in my defense I used them with purpose and design. Still, it's a doodle/sketch that might not go anywhere.


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Taking the last test and pushing it further along into something new. Exploring even more three dimensionality, though I'm still partial to the membrane/wall imagery. Even embracing a bit of narrative struture with ersatz monitor effects. I'm having some fun. Each of these video sketches are created using the last video I uploaded.

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