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Recent and upcoming screenings and shows

2017      Magmart International Video Art Festival, X edition, Casoria Contemporary Art Musuem, SIGINT, Casoria, Italy


2017      Noorderlicht Photogallery, NUCLEUS - Imagining Science, Morphology Series, Groningen, Netherlands


2017      SIMULTAN Festival, Possible Futures, SIGINT, Timisoara, Romania

2017      Zhangzhou Museum, Salacia vitreapirata, Fujian Province, China


2017      MINA (Mobile Innovation Network Australasia) Festival, Video Sketch 23(B), Melbourne Australia

2017      Buffalo International Film Festival, SIGINT, Buffalo, NY

2017      International Video Art House Madrid IVAH, SIGINT, Madrid, Spain

2017      Ill at Ease: Dis-ease in Art, [7][13], Buffalo, NY


2017      Montreal Underground Film Festival, SIGINT, Montreal, Canada

2017      Noisefloor Festival, SIGINT, Staffordshire, United Kingdom    

2017      EPOS International Film Festival, Reveries From Cistae Memoria, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel

2017      Stuttgarter Filmwinter - Festival for Expanded Media, SIGINT, Stuttgart, Germany

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