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A First Time for Everything

Thanks to the New York State Council on the Arts and their Individual Artist Grant award administered regionally by the wonderful Arts Services Inc., I've been able to purchase equipment and supplies that directly supports the making of my current film. One such example is a 3D printer which I will be using in the creation of many of the props and set elements of the film.

I've always wanted to get into 3D printing but was frustrated in the traditional filament process and its lack of resolution. With the grant I was able to dive right in to the higher quality provided by resin printing which is vital to the type of work I'll be printing.

This project is about so many things but it always comes back to a learning process. Each step of the way I'm learning something new, a tool or technique, a way of organizing and planning, or simply a re-evaluation of timeless tropes or connections to what has come before. Speaking of what has come before, those that know my first narrative film, may find a connection in the pics below.

Very first print. ID plates and fake bolt and screw heads to hide the real ones. Trust me. It matters. All 3D models were designed by me in Cinema 4D by Maxon - something else I'm learning for this project.


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